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We are proud and excited to announce our Kickstarter Campaign coming in mid October 2013. Our castAr project is getting wonderful positive attention in the media and at events right now. For those who do not know:

“Currently in the development phase, the company‚Äôs first product is castAR, a high resolution, high interactivity, 3D augmented reality gaming system. The castAR hardware consists of a pair of glasses and a retro-reflective gaming surface. Three dimensional graphics are visible above and through the display surface. Sensors on the glasses allow the system to react to changes in user position and orientation, providing an extremely responsive user experience; an interactive wand allows the user to manipulate and control the game. An Xbox controller, Kinect, even your hand, can be used for other various forms of interaction. The castAR software dynamically creates and updates the images the user sees, provides the game logic, and connects users to each other both locally and over the Internet.”

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